Let’s work together!

We’re delighted to hear you’re interested in working with us. Here’s an overview of the process we’ll need to go through before we begin:

  1. Decide you want to work with us
  2. Do paperwork
  3. Build great things

What do you mean paperwork?

Here’s what happens after we decide to work together. You’ll:

  1. Receive and approve a statement of work from your 18F project lead.
  2. Read our Primer on Interagency Agreements, and review our required attachments: Additional Clauses, Funding Details, Economy Act Determination, and Acceptance of Ownership.
  3. Complete our IAA Form Preparation Survey.
  4. Take receipt of an IAA.
    1. Have your agency official sign block 23 on form 7600A;
    2. Have your program official sign block 37 on form 7600B;
    3. Have your funding official sign block 38 on form 7600B.
    4. Have your agency official sign the Determination and Findings document.
  5. Scan the entire agreement as a PDF (this pains us, too). Send it back to us.
  6. Receive an executed agreement from 18F for distribution!